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"I originally thought that he would progressively get better naturally while training in second year, but it seems he's still having a difficult time. It's common for people's aggression to naturally increase with a stronger physical body. When a person realizes their own strength, they become used to their own violent nature. It seems he's an incredibly gentle person."


He tried alcohol for the first time in his life in this place. The soldiers of Ark are constantly dispatched out together with the first generation veteran soldiers. Many people who resided in this place had taken part in the first wave of aggression. No one in this place held prejudice against psykers.


"That is why you are superb. Youths your age do not think like you do. When adults speak difficult words, kids usually lightly gloss over the fact. As you've seen Kuro do. Ugh, speaking too much is making my side hurt."


"I didn't see them yet. I saw you in this direction before I landed, and decided to walk into this direction. I thought it would be best to join up with the squad leader."


The psyker soldiers of the Ark were humanity's shield and spear. This was not a place to develop special weapons of mass destruction for any particular country.


"That's fine. It should be an important matter if you decided to come visit me personally. I wanted a short break anyway. I need to pick out many people to be moved up into second year, but we're short staffed so I have to look over a lot of documents by myself, I'm near going crazy."

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The youths ran to separate Inspector Rue and the man. They took away the man's gun and tied down his hands and feet. Inspector Rue pressed his side and sat down on the ground.


England, and a few other countries, also ran their own psyker training schools. Of course, all advanced training was done through Ark.


Kato sprang up and gripped Han by the throat. Han smirked and pointed his finger to the drill instructors.


'The Western Army had better military strength and tactics. However, Han who had been placed the sweeper had exceeded everyone's expectations. There are times when everything becomes futile.'


"The thirteenth squad will use the D building dormitories. Move out. Detailed instructions will be sent to you at at 20:00. Squad leader Han, you're to turn in the squad training plans by 16:00."


The squad members around them shouted after the shock. They kicked Kuro and made him stand once more. His shoulders trembled as he tried his best to catch his breath.


"Then on that day were you planning to say 'I positioned Han as the sweeper because I disliked him, but I was surprised how useful he was'? I don't care about stupid things."



The enemies mercilessly killed the first years who could not even put up a proper defense. Squad Zero no longer viewed these soldiers as humans. The two forces saw one another as nothing but monsters.



It had been a long time tradition that squad leaders would go to visit the new year 2 transfers at hospital ward 2. Though, some squad had enough members, they still went to analyze the new transferees.


Listening carefully, he noticed a distinct sound the skull mask makes when disappearing then the same sound travels along with the skull mask to his final destination. Upon the first sound, skull mask's body blinks, then on the last sound his body would appear at the final destination.


If Ark were to take a side with a specific country or spur anti-government movements, the political balance would greatly shift.

  • Kuro watched with large round eyes.
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