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The material was light and durable. The gears were made to be ergonomically comfortable so it wouldn't feel cumbersome in the least.


Laocha was a longtime close friend of Sergeant Red. It was decided that he would be the one to temporarily train Han until Sergeant Red made a full recovery.


The number of squad members to battle is based on whichever number of members is in the smaller squad. There are all sorts of competitions, and psykers are useful in all types of battles.


Han nodded. It was almost the day of their squad battles. Their opponents said 10 members would participate, so all of the squad 13 members would be deployed. Han explained their battle plans and each members' roles to his squad together with Canute and Jose.


Kato glared fiercely to Han. He would not feel so frustrated if it had been a fair fight. He had lost without having to throw a single punch.


"Psykers must not become the enemies of the weak. They must become the shields for those without fangs. They must be the knives for those who don't."

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"Let's allow him to form a new squad if he's able to recruit 4 members, which is including himself. We'll allow him to recruit one person from each squad into his own."


An enemy soldier said removing his night vision goggles. His eyes shook. This was just a one sided massacre. They were killing unarmed young children.


Han couldn't breathe properly because his chest was aching with pain. Sergeant Red raised his feet to stomp onto Han,


"I've heard that you have good judgement. However, matters such as this can only be learned through personal experience. That is why you're still a student. Kiddo. You still have a mountain of things to learn and master."


Han became lost in his own thoughts. The third years were existences hidden behind a veil. He had rarely come across them, becase they had no form of exchange at all.


Psychic energy spilled from Han's eyes. His psychic energy and mind melted together. His mind shook and killing intent boiled, igniting his psychic energy.


"Squad 13 will gain lots of attention from now on. The winning rates for newly appointed squad leaders are very low. This is more so if all the members of the squad are new. Still, we won. This is our chance. We must show others that we are superior."



Instructor Wei was not the best candidate to foster promotions through the Ark system. He believed that children should have the right to behave as children. In Instructor Wei's eyes, Han was just a pitiable child.



He thought it was an eyesore watching Han and Dimitri spar against one another. He was in the middle of training his psychic skills by floating the leaves around himself.


– This is center route defense, we're unable to send back up as well. Our defense team is too little. We have no military troops to send over. Quick, lower route assaulters!


In year 2, all the squads competed against one another. They obtained points after winning in squad battles.

  • Including the squad leader, four members or more are required.
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