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The color of their psychic energy would change according to the mental imagery of their power. Those with the power of ignition commonly glowed with red light.


"Yes. The minions, more specifically the Elu mages are currently trying to reopen the dimensional gate. We stopped the opening last time, but they seemed to have prepared beforehand and they're dead set on opening the gate again. This means that we don't have much time left. The minion numbers are rising every day."


The two walked in awkward silence. The two had nothing in particular to converse about. A few of the other squad leaders had already arrived to hospital ward 2.


"The rumors of him are widespread. Though I did help, he pretty much beat Karl's gang single-handedly. Nobody should be able to easily look down on Kuro anymore."


"Simon's psychic skills are brilliant, and his battle skills are excellent. He can easily take on two to three others by himself."


"Group 1, Canute can easily break away from enemies, even if we were to be surrounded because we have high agility. That's why you're the advance guard, Canute. Find out the enemy's position and notify the rest of the squad. You're the squad's eyes and ears

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Han and Kuro was surprised by Dimitri's optimistic words. Dimitri had a strong competitive spirit. He wasn't one to admit to a loss easily.


The True Group's attack killed many students of Ark. Nobody was allowed a day of grievance and was expected to swiftly return to work because they couldn't waste a second longer. It wouldn't be too late to pay tribute to the deceased after the end of the war.


Han spent the rest of his night in his room. He watched the squad mock battles, or checked the photos from the major. A year had passed since Han came to Ark. Thanks to all the hearty meals sponsored to his younger siblings, they grew and matured much faster.


The deserted island was vast, although all of class B had landed here, it was not easy to find one another. A few students spotted one another on the shore, but pretended not to notice.


"I divided the roles into two: defenders and rangers. The rangers would be responsible for traveling over the rocky terrain so they were required to be fast and agile; the remaining had been designated as defenders. I had the defenders attack and retreat their forces in rotation. I didn't have them force their way forward, but instead I had them retreat back if need be to receive the stamina buff from our own zone. Once the ranger captured the flag, I had the defenders officially start engaging the enemy while defending the flag bearer at the same time."


They didn't have a single water filter nor water jug. The parachute that had blocked out the wind had been torn to shreds.


Nobody protested because Han had already proved himself in their recent past battles. There was no fool amongst the second years whose pride was bigger than their ego and the objective for the newly formed chain of command.



Han's psychic control was on another level from usual psykers. The drill instructors were not aware how minute his control could go.



'The maximum power output was as I predicted. It's the worst possible result. His basic psychic power is low so he could only manifest the same amount.'


Ark had suffered greatly due to the inspectors. For the time being, the committee would have a difficult time shooting any complaints. They wouldn't be able to reject requests for more support funds neither.


"Today there is a competition with squad 3 and squad 9. Today's competition will be capture the flag."

  • There was one thing obvious about the thirteenth squad. It would be hard for them to gain points to raise their personal scores. They didn't have any veterans to lead them forward.
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